Mobile Apps for Business

What is a Mobile APP?

An enterprise mobile app or mobile application is a computer application that collects and translates complex business requirements or challenges into an innovative technology solution. Mobile apps make it possible to deliver solutions right to users’ fingertips – and onto their mobile devices.

Mobile apps can be used for employees to help with their day-to-day work; providing a place to share and maintain data, or even submit requests to different departments such as human resources or IT. The goal for enterprise mobile apps is to serve business users faster and more effectively while ensuring personalized user experiences.

Mobile Technology Trends

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Future of Mobile Apps: Intelligent Mobile Apps

“Mobile Artificial Intelligence (AI) Market will be worth $17.83 billion by 2023”

– MarketsandMarkets

On-demand services and the conversational economy brought on by applications like chatbots and voice assistants crowded the mobile app market and raised doubts over the scope of mobile apps. Mobile apps adapted by implementing AI abilities. This started the evolution of mobile apps into Intelligent mobile apps. This enabled mobile apps to re-position themselves in the market proving their competency by providing space for advanced applications within them and offer higher business use cases.

The demand for smart mobile apps is further improved with innovations like:


Smart Wearables

Augmented Reality

Big Data

Artificial Intelligence


Why Mobile Apps Are Required for Enterprise

  • Ease of Use
  • Quick access to data
  • Personalized experience
  • Intelligent recommendations
  • Proactive responses
  • Opportunity for Virtual Assistants
  • Offline functionality
  • 24/7 connectivity
  • Tailored branding
  • Go-To Marketing tool
  • AR experiences

How Mobile Apps Enables the Enterprise

  • Makes it easier for users to access information
  • Empower employees to gain support anywhere
  • Enhance organization-employee communication
  • 24/7 answers to the employee questions
  • Helps target highly specific groups
  • Compliments your company’s website
  • Engages your customers by being where your customers live: mobile
  • Promotes enterprise mobility by supplying information to users at the right time on their desired device

Parameters to Consider Before Deciding Which App Development Process to Use:

  • App performance
  • Hardware features access
  • Debugging and profiling tools
  • Dev Support ecosystems
  • Development time
  • Development cost
  • Easy to Deploy to multiple platforms
  • Build size
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Which Mobile App Development process to Choose?

Having a great idea is not enough to get a perfect mobile app to make your product or service accessible to mobile users. While there are many technologies and practices, to get the right mobile app, choosing the right practice based on application is the key. Mobile development practices are:


These apps will have native execution of code without any abstraction. This makes native app development deliver fast robust performance. APIs can be accessed on day one. These have outstanding profiling tools to understand CPU, memory, battery and network usage. Also, these have good support from platform owners with better documentation and practices.

Native-Hybrid App Development

All APIs available to native will be available, but there is a dependency on the framework maintainer to make updates. Tools will be available in the common language framework for regular debugging, so users will have to depend on native debugging of individual platforms for complex issues.

Web-Hybrid App Development

While the web-hybrid app development process may add more functionality, more functionalities can make navigation clunkier. This process is also slower and has less efficient access due to layers of abstraction. Web Hybrid also consumes more memory and CPU. For accessing new hardware features, one may have to develop own plugins.

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