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Financial institutions of all sizes are facing new challenges in security and user experience as more consumers enter the market with expectations that mirror their online experiences. Digital transformation is critical now to gain new customers and maintain current ones.

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Financial services organizations have operated the same way for years. Now with the rise of Fintech, Millennials are able to choose from modern offerings. V-Soft works with financial service firms of all sizes to implement user experience platforms new customers will be familiar with and existing customers will find easy to use.

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Automation Services for Finance & Banking

For years financial institutions have used manual processes that cost business hours and manpower and leaves customer service to suffer. The V-Soft Digital team knows that automation is the key to increased efficiency and immediate ROI. Our team works with you to identify the processes that cost the most time and money and understands which automation solution is right for your business.

The most common automation solution for financial institutions and financial departments is Robotic Process Automation (RPA). V-Soft Digital has an experienced RPA team equipped with the industry’s leading RPA platforms like UiPath, Blue Prism, Kyron and ABBYY to build an RPA solution that automates finance processes and workflows with ease.

Financial Data Security Services

It’s more important than ever to have top cybersecurity professionals and deploy security solutions to keep financial data secure. We’ve supplied Network Engineers, Data Analysts, and IT Security Analysts who monitor and track any threats efficiently. Our cybersecurity experts create a risk assessment or a roadmap, so you know exactly how your security measures up.