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At V-Soft, our mission is to be the foremost program owner for IMAC (Install, Moves, Adds, Changes) by offering exemplary care and services tailored to meet your specific business needs. We excel in delivering managed service solutions that adhere to industry standards.

Experienced in Excellence

Our top-rated IMAC program guarantees customer satisfaction, drawing on years of diverse experience and expertise. Count on V-Soft Infrastructure’s track record of trust with industry leading companies, ensuring success and satisfaction.

Why V-Soft?

Choose V-Soft Infrastructure for unparalleled expertise and a track record of trust with top American companies, ensuring your success and satisfaction.

ITS Contracted Services

IMAC Services

Within the realm of ITS Contracted Services, our primary role revolves around managing IMAC processes.

IMAC Program Ownership

As the primary program owner for IMAC, we take charge of all aspects of installations, moves, additions, and changes to optimize your business operations.

Employee Transition Management

Our team manages the intricacies of employee transitions, whether it’s a change of department, location, or the onboarding of new employees. We ensure that all equipment is relocated safely, internet connectivity is established, and all elements adhere to your company’s standards.

Managed Services Solutions

In addition to our core IMAC services, we offer a range of managed services solutions to enhance your business operations, including:

Pre-Sales Support

We offer pre-sales support to both sales and operations teams involved in IMAC engagements, ensuring that all necessary information and resources are readily available.

IMAC Contract Operations Management

Our team is dedicated to managing the operations of IMAC contracts, collaborating closely with clients and subcontractors to ensure a seamless process.

Low Voltage Installation Services

We specialize in low voltage installations, guaranteeing that your technological infrastructure is up and running efficiently.

Prompt Response

Count on us for a guaranteed prompt response to any inquiries or issues that may arise during our engagement.

Professional Communication

We maintain consistent, professional communication throughout every engagement, keeping you informed and confident in the progress and outcomes of our services.

We are committed to serving as your trusted partner in optimizing your IT infrastructure, ensuring seamless transitions, and delivering top-notch managed services solutions tailored to your unique needs.