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The Back To Doing Solutions are designed for safety-conscious businesses to provide the healthiest environment for their communities. The Solutions include surveys, contactless health screening, and advanced monitoring features sure as thermal imaging, computer vision and more.

Self-Certification Surveys
Contactless Health Screening
Social Distance Monitoring
Contact Tracing
Automate curbside no-touch pick-ups
Central Dashboard

Two days in and the app has been so helpful”

– Principal in Chicago suburbs school district

Solutions for Your Budget and Needs

The Back To Doing Solutions are designed to be mixed and matched according to your specific business needs and resources. While some organizations may only require their people to self-certify, others will need a more advanced environment. Either way, V-Soft Digital is made up of robust practices in artificial intelligence, cloud computing, mobile development and more, dedicated to provide the highest quality solutions.


Convenient, Central Dashboard

No matter the solutions you choose to implement below, a centralized dashboard is the key to making quick and accurate decisions during a health and safety crisis. By conveniently accessing all data in one place, leaders are able to see the big picture and adjust their back-to-work strategy in real time. A central dashboard is connected to your Active Directory for real-time updates consistent across your organization.

Standard Dashboard Data Points

  • Stats for employees and visitors
  • Total numbers of allowed entrances/rejections
  • Health screening survey results
  • Per-office view

Self-Certification Survey

As a first line of defense, a self-certification survey allows individuals to confirm prior to entering the building that they are not a threat to spreading the Coronavirus. The survey includes standard certification questions with the ability to edit or add questions specific to your needs.

Standard Self-Certification Questions

  • Have you or someone in your home tested positive for the Coronavirus?
  • Have you cared for or been around someone who may have tested positive for the Coronavirus?
  • Have you experiences any symptoms of the Coronavirus (shortness of breath, fever, body aches)?
  • Have you traveled to Florida, California or New York in the last 14 days?

Contactless Health Screening

Most businesses pair the self-certification survey with a health screening tool instead of relying solely on someone’s answers on a survey, which can be prone to error.A health screening consists of a series of physical checks on a person’s health. In this case, it is often a temperature check, as a fever is a common symptom of the Coronavirus. Temperature checks should be completely contactless to minimize the risk of infection. The Back to Doing solution can easily integrate Bluetooth-enabled thermometers or thermal cameras to accurately monitor temperatures of everyone entering the environment.

Benefits of Contactless Health Screening

  • Touchless method for detecting temperatures
  • Scalable options based on employee size (i.e. thermometer vs. thermal cameras)
  • Ability to sync directly into Active Directory or HR system with results
  • Ability to set up notifications to alert proper management in real time of elevated temperatures
  • Power to react quickly and maintain a safe environment for employees


Thermal Cameras

Thermal cameras can help to identify elevated body temperatures for those entering a particular building, a common symptom of COVID-19. Temperatures can then be sent via a database and alerted to the proper officials if the number exceeds a specific threshold to enter, such as 100.4° F, the CDC’s definition of a fever. This enhancement is highly effective in high traffic environments, where scanning significant numbers of individuals with thermometers might not be feasible, and also provides an extra layer of screening, security and protection.

Heavily Utilized In:

  • Large corporate campuses and universities
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Retail stores

Social Distancing & PPE Monitoring

After the entry process is complete, it’s important your staff continues to follow social distancing procedures and wear proper Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). It’s nearly impossible to manually monitor an environment at all times, especially on huge campuses or in multiple office locations. Intelligent, AI-powered Computer Vision can easily be implemented on existing cameras and has the ability to alert stakeholders if any violation is detected. This information can also be added to the central dashboard for easy view.

Possible Detected Violations:

  • Not maintaining a 6 foot distance when in the same room, such as a conference room or classroom
  • Not wearing a face mask when required, or not wearing a face mask properly
  • Not wearing gloves in environments where required

Contact Tracing

The ability to trace where and who an infected person has been in contact withis critical to slowing or eliminating any further spread, particularly with something as contagious as the Coronavirus. The same intelligent Computer Vision technology can be applied to review footage and trace where and who someone has been in contact with. All necessary parties, including management and those who may be impacted, can be notified via alerts. This information can also managed within the central dashboard.

Touchless Door Access

Minimizing the need to touch common, high-touch surfaces, such as door handles, is another method for maintaining sanitation standards. Adding a contactless solution to signal a door opening, like barcode scanning and key card access,eliminates the possibility of touching a handle that could have been touched by someone carrying the Coronavirus.

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